If anyone wants to help me, let them begin at home. There is help needed on your doorstep, in your place of work, in your office, and in your factory. ~Mother Teresa

Mother TeresaMother Teresa may be gone, but the legacy of the countless people she helped throughout her life lives on. Her words of wisdom, care and love still touch the hearts and lives of the people who read them or hear them.

Often it is difficult for us to help the people we know and easier to send a few dollars to some organization. I know for me it is.

I don’t want to interact with people in need. I don’t necessarily want to see their problems. I would rather pretend that people don’t have problems because I sent money to some faceless organization thereby releasing myself from having to care about them.

But the fact is, we can’t hide from the responsibility of caring for people in our own homes, neighborhoods, communities and so on.

Mother Teresa spent her life helping others who often could not help themselves. They had diseases. They were poor. They were the lowest of society and yet she loved them and cared for them.

She had very little herself, but she gave her all to help people who would never be able to repay her.

How much more can most of us do to help our fellow humans? We have resources that Mother Teresa never dreamed of. How many times have you spent the evening watching TV or playing on your computer? I know I do it.

Some of that time could be spent volunteering. You could help out at your children’s school a couple of hours a week. You could help at a homeless shelter or area hospital. Go visit people at a nursing home. helping hand

We have nearly unlimited opportunities. People who need a little help from us, don’t care who we are, they are just thankful that you could help them out.

Helping others can be hard, but we can do it. Start slow and make helping others a habit.

Paying it forward…

What a great way to help someone. Many of the times you will not even know the person you are helping and they won’t know you. You just do something nice for someone—like pay for their order at the drive-thru or something like that.

It doesn’t have to be something expensive, just something thoughtful. It can make someone’s day.

Until next time… have a beautiful day!

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  1. Hello Karin, I must say that this article is very helpful and informative. I am glad I stumbled upon your article because you really inspired me to take action and help my closest ones. It is true when you help someone you feel much better, we live in such stress today that we often forget to help those who need our help. Thank you for sharing such an inspirational piece of text.

    1. Thanks for visiting my site and for your insightful comment, Danijel!

      When we look beyond ourselves and the “bad” things in our lives and reach out to help another, that is when we are truly blessed.

      Best wishes,
      Karin 🙂

  2. Paying it forward. We gain so much by helping others. The thing is that because we don’t see those benefits in short terms and we only see how hard it can be so we then just don’t do it. And on the other hand, we’re a bit selfish.

    But as a general rule, I think most humans don’t help others because of a lack of vision. Thanks for this interesting read.

    1. Thanks for visiting my site, Abel! I think you are onto something here—most humans don’t help others because of a lack of vision….

      We need 20/20 vision in this year of 2020. 

      Best wishes,
      Karin 🙂

  3. Helping the less privileged, people in need, people who deserve our help or don’t is very important in our lives. The life of Mother Teresa is something to emulate. I can say that I’ve been helping people personally and people I don’t know.

    When she said that let your help begin from home has a deep meaning. If you can’t help those people close to you, then how can you do that properly to someone else? This is something to consider. One thing I’ve learnt is that when we help people sincerely, we also tend to get help from others even when we don’t deserve it. This is a nice article I must say.

    1. Thanks for your insights, Leon. Help begins at home can lead us to greater ways we can help others. But sometimes we don’t even help our family, let alone our neighbors and friends. Once we can begin to see what helping our fellow humans means the better off we will be.

      Mother Teresa is truly one of the people I consider a hero. She asked for little and gave all she had.

      Thanks for visiting my site! Come back soon!


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