This post might be a bit different. When we think about joy, most of us don’t think about “submission” being a part of it. But it really can be. I am not referring to anything sexual here, but just the act of submitting to a higher authority.

What is submission?

Last Sunday at church the pastor was talking about submission. While he was talking I was thinking about my cat—Mittens. What I was thinking was about when she wants a special treat. She is not the most loving of cats, but when she wants that treat, she will do almost anything, including laying on her back and letting me pet her tummy.

While the pastor was talking about us humans submitting to God, I thought, “So it would be like my cat submitting to me. God wants us to lay on our backs so He can ‘pet’ our tummies.”

When we submit, we are at our most vulnerable. We are on our backs. In wrestling, if you are on your back, it seems that the match is all but over.

According to, submitting is “to give over or yield to the power or authority of another.”

Giving up control, is another way to think about it.

So where is the “joy” in submission?

If you are anything like me, you like to be in control. To give up that control, to let ourselves give over or yield our power (control) to another, well that can be downright scary!

But giving up, giving in can also be joyful. For my cat, it means getting that coveted treat. When she gets that treat, her “motor” starts to purr. She even lets my granddaughter pet her once she gets that treat! She is so full of joy and contentment.

For us, submission takes a bit different feeling, but in the end, when we allow ourselves to submit to learning a lesson or to letting God “pet our tummies” we can experience the same joy that my cat does.

Submission is not easy, but neither is being in control all the time. Sometimes the act of submission gives us the “break” from being in control that we need. It allows us to relax. It allows us to enjoy life in a different way.

What are some ways you can experience the joy of submitting to a higher authority?

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