Tracy Turnblad had a dream…

If you have seen the movie “Hairspray,” you’ll recognize the name of Tracy Turnblad.
Tracy was the daughter of Edna and Wilbur Turnblad and she had a “big” dream. She wanted to be a dancer on a popular Baltimore TV station show, “The Corny Collin’s Show.”

I won’t say more because I hate giving spoilers, but I’ll just say that Tracy went for her dream in spite of the costs.

How many times do we have a dream—big or small—and when the cost gets too high we back off from it? I know I have done this many times. In weighing the costs, fear of the unknown and sometimes fear of the known causes me to forsake the pursuit.

But Tracy wasn’t going to let anything stand in the way of her dream. The movie doesn’t say what happens later in Tracy’s life. If one were to speculate, one would assume that she went on to do great things with her life because of her attitude.

This all ties in to our pursuits of happiness because we want to believe in and follow our dreams. We want to know that our dreams are attainable, believable and that we have this purpose for which we were born.

Sometimes, we might put a dream on hold for a while for a number of reasons. In order to achieve our dreams, however, we can’t defer them forever.

How does a person rekindle a dream deferred? How does a person do anything? You just have to do it. I could give you theories and ideas and steps 1-5 and tips and hints, but each person intrinsically knows what they need to do…they have to DO IT.

Jeff Goins says that he wanted to be a writer. He talked about writing, he read about writing, he even taught other people how to blog, but until he actually wrote and called himself a writer, he felt like he had been spinning his wheels.

If you feel like you are spinning your wheels in the pursuit of your dream, then think about what your dream is and begin to do it. Yes, that might mean taking those small steps 1-5, but you’ll never even make a single move if you don’t identify your dream…

I know what mine is…do you?

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