Sooner or later the rain stops and the sun rises again.

Abhijit Naskar

Does it make sense to write about sadness on a blog about finding happiness?

Of course it does!

Without sadness, how would we ever truly understand what happiness is?

I don’t want to be sad—ever—but that isn’t very realistic is it? There are things that happen every day of our lives that have the potential to make us sad. People die every day. The rain comes and goes (or here in Minnesota, it’s the snow!). Every day we can experience a moment or two of sadness.

It really isn’t a problem to have these moments. It’s when those moments linger on and on that the problem begins. When we never see anything to be happy about, that, my friends, is a problem.

For me, happiness is more than a feeling, it is a state of being. I don’t “think” about being happy, I just am.

It’s the same thing for when I feel sad, I don’t “think” about it, it just is.

Do you notice what I did there? I made happiness about me—an inner thing—while I made feeling sad an external thing through the use of the word it. I don’t “claim” sadness—”it” just is. However, I do “claim” happiness—”I” just am!
I think our attitude toward happiness and sadness plays a big part in how we act, too. If we are always moping around, it is kind of hard to see “happy” things. The opposite is also true—if we are always smiling and dwelling on the goodness of life, it is kind of hard to see the “sad” things.

Hoping you have a great day of happiness!

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